Petrozavodsk Russia

Petrozavodsk Russia

The capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk is located on the shore of Petrozavodsk firth of Onega lake, and extends for 22 km. In 1703, emperor Peter the Great ordered to found iron production and cannon-casting factory in the creek of Lososinki river – this is how Petrovsky suburb appears together with the plant.

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Petrovsky plant produced cannon, fire arms and cold weapon. Back at those times, it was the biggest weapon producer in the country. The factory played a crucial part in the creation of Baltic fleet, and, as a consequence – contributed to the ending of Northern war and reinforcement of state borders.

Petrozavodsk Attractions

Today, Karelian RAS research center, Petrozavodsk State University, Teacher’s Training College, academy of music, State Musical Theater and Russian Drama Theater, puppet theater, National Theater, Karelian State Philharmonia and Youth Theater “Tvorcheskaya Masterskaya” (Creative Workshop), Karelian State Local History Museum – one of the oldest local history museums in Russia, Karelian Museum of Arts, private gallery “Dom Kukly” (Doll House) of Tatiana Kalynina, and exhibit halls are located in the city.

petrozavodsk state university

Petrozavodsk State University is founded in 1940. It comprises 15 faculties, advanced training faculties, 85 divisions, institutes and other structural subdivisions.

How to get there?

The distance from Moscow to Petrozavodsk is 1010 km. Getting by train is the most convenient travel way. It takes from 12 to 18 hours.

Airport of Petrozavodsk and aerodrome of Russian Air Force is located in 12 km on the north-west near Besovets village. It was founded in August of 1939 and has the status of an international airport of federal importance.

petrozavodsk weather

Climate n Petrozavodsk, just like in the entire Karelia, is moderately continental with some features of marine climate. Winter is long, but mild. Summer is short and breezy.

It’s rarely hot there, but in this local climate even minor heat is hard t bear. More than half of days of year are cloudy. Snow lies until the middle of April, rains often occur in summer.

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