Karelian Petroglyphs — Location, Facts

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Petroglyphs – are pictures carved out of stone by people in the Neolithic era.

Karelian petroglyphs were discovered in 20th century, and since then are staying an important object for archeologists.

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Karelian Petroglyphs Facts

The problem of dating is still not solved to the end. According to different sources, their age is about 5-6 thousands of years.

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The term “Petroglyphs” derived from Greek words “pétros” – stone and “glyphé” – carving. According to average calculations, total number of pictures on rocks is up to 20 millions of images that are concentrated on more than 20 areas in 78 states.

Karelian petroglyphs – are outstanding monuments popular worldwide, and their value can be compared with such artifacts as Kizhi and Kalevala runes.

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Only half out of all discovered petroglyphs were decoded by researchers. Scientists have no doubts about the figures of people and animals. But there are many other signs of unknown objects. For instance, such pictures are considered to be of solar-lunar type, because some think that they denote Moon and Sun.

But other researchers are sure that people saw some flying objects and painted them. Whatever it is, every picture has deep meaning: before being engraved on rocks, these imaged had appeared in people’s minds.

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Location of petroglyphs:

On north, in Belomorsk area, in the lower reaches of Vyg river, 8 km higher that the place where it meets Soroksk firth of White Sea.

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On south-east – in Pudozhsk area, on the eastern shore of Onega lake in 18 km south of Shalskiy village.

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