Kuzova Islands — Wiki, How To Get There

Kuzova Islands

Kuzov Archipelago in White Sea is located in about 30 km from Rabocheostrovsk, not far from Kem town.

It consists of 16 deserted islands, the biggest of which are Russian Kuzov, German Kuzov and Oleshin island.

Kuzova Islands

When looked at from the water, islands have unique spherical form and remind of huge stone balls almost fully emerged in water. Most islands are Arctic prairies that are covered by fir forests in some places. The tops of islands German Kuzov (140 m) and Russian Kuzov (123 m) overlook above all water area nearby, and attract people’s attention for ages.

Kuzovs are considered to be one of the most mysterious places in all White Sea Karelia. A lot of proofs of religious activity of ancient people were found on the territory of these desolate severe spaces. According to historians’ evaluation, buildings were created 2,000-2,500 years ago by ancient Saami who lived on the shores of White Sea. About 800 stone buildings relating to pagan religions typical of inhabitants of this coarse place were discovered there.

Kuzova Islands

The most surprising and the most mysterious islands of the archipelago is Oleshin island. Not only seita and sanctuaries can be found there, but also two ancient labyrinths – Small and Big.

Tourists can get to Kuzov archipelago on their own, or by guided tours heading from Solovetsk islands, or from Kemi.

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