Girvas Volcano Karelia

151 resize 1 Girvas Volcano Karelia

Girvas is a quite young settlement of Kondopoga region, which was founded in the first half of the XX century.

In the southern part of the village there is a unique geological object – the oldest (about 2 billion years) crater in Karelia. It was found in autumn of 1966 during the archaeological researches of volcanic formations in the northern margin of settlement Girvas in the course of spillway Paleozerskoy autumn.

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151 resize 2 Girvas Volcano Karelia

How to get Girvas

image 19 Girvas Volcano Karelia

You can get there by car and as part of a tourist group.

On the road to Murmansk follow the sign on Girvas, then after seven km do not miss the turn to the right  and go 2 km till the powerhouse. 

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