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White sea (until XVII century was also called Studenoye, Solovetskoe, Spokoynoe, or White creek) – an inland sea on the eastern part of Russia, belongs to the Arctic ocean.

Among all seas washing Russia, White Sea is among the smallest ones. Tital surface area is 90,000 km² (together with numeorous small inslands, among which Solovetsky Archipelago is the best known  — 347 km²), this is a 1/16 part of Barents Sea, its volume is 4,400 km³ only.

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The biggest length of White Sea from Kanin Nos cape to Kemi is 600 km.
The biggest depth is 340 meters, average— 67 meters.

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Seven major rivers flaw into White Sea: Kem, Mezen, Onega, Ponoi, Northern Dvina and lots of small rivers.

Although the sea surface is not big, there is a huge storm activity, especially in autumn, when wave height can reach 6 meters.

Surging in cold periods reaches 75-90 cm.

Every year, sea stays covered in snow during 6-7 months. Ice fast forms near shores and in bays, and the central part of the sea is usually covered by floating ice that can be up to 35-40 cm thick, and during hard winter – up to 50 cm.

Temperature, weather

The temperature of surface water layer in the sea changes dramatically depending on season in different parts of the sea. In summer period, surface bay waters and waters in central parts warm up to 15-16 °C, at the same time in Onega creek and Gorla – not higher than 9 °C. In winter, temperature of surface waters decreases to −1,3…-1,7 °C in the centre, and in bays— to −0,5…-0,7 °C.

White sea Diving

The underwater world is a real joy – nudibranchiates, shrimp, soldier crab, sea star, wolfish. An octopus can also be met. Diving in White Sea impresses by a huge variety of flora and bottom covered by sea flowers and soft corals. Underwater rocky landscapes are perfect for making great photos! Curious White Sea seals can often pose for your pictures.

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The most widespread fish is codfish with average weight 800 — 900 grams. Also flounder, lumpfish, humpback salmon, bull trout and summer salmon are met.

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