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Solovki Island

Solovki (Solovetsky Islands, Solovetsky archipelago) – a group of islands in the northern part of Onega bay of White Sea in 165 km to the south from the conventional boundary of Polar circle.

Solovki are best known for the unique collection of stone monuments of primitive culture (labyrinths, sanctums, symbolic expositions and burial mounts, encampments and locations of primitive people), gorgeous story of Solovetsky Cathedral of Transformation of the Savior (founded in 1436), tragic events of Solovetsk special camp (1923–39), legendary Solovetsk Shipboy School (1942–43).

Solovki prison camp:

Solovki prison camp

solovki monastery

solovki monastery

Solovki Island

Solovki  church

Solovki church

white sea

solovetsky islands labyrinth:

solovetsky islands labyrinth

island how to get there

island how to get there

Today, one of the biggest federal Russian museum preserve and Solovetsky Stavropegial Fratry of the Transformation of the Savior are located there; modern Solovetsky village counts about 1000 inhabitants.

solovki airport

Solovetsky preserve museum is one of the biggest preserve museums in Russia. More than 1000 cultural heritage sites and objects created from V millennium BC to 20th century are under its operational management.


Fortress of Solovetsky monastery was erected in 1582–1594 (1596) by order of Ivan the Terrible because of attack threat of northern neighbors of Russian state. Fortress wall perimeter is 1200 m, height of walls in different parts is from 8 to 11 m, wall thickness near foundation is 6,5–7 m, banquette width is 4 m. Fortress type — regular.

How to get there?

Planes to Solovki depart from Arkhangelsk and Moscow.

solovki islands hotel

Solovki Airport – is an airport on Solovetsky islands. It was built before war. During the Great Patriotic War, it was used by air forces. In 2013, flies to Arkhangelsk were organized twice a week (Tuesday, Sunday).

From Kem town (Karelia Republic). Daily tours to Solovki during open season are organized by LLC “Prichal” on a motor ship “Vasily Kosyakov” and “Metel”.

Solovetsky Monastery – a fratry of Russian Orthodox Church.

It appeared in 1420—1430’s, and was built in stone by the Saint Philip, in Pre-Peter times it had a lot of land possessions, and in 1669—1676 was invested by tsar’s troops.

During Soviet era, the first state special camp was located on the territory of the monastery, and buildings were systematically destroyed. Since 25th of October 1990, this is a fratry.

In 1992 the complex was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage List.

Where to live?

There are many different hotels in Solovki. Flat rent is also possible.

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