Ladoga lake — Location, Facts, How to get

image 6 Ladoga lake — Location, Facts, How to get

Ladoga lake – is the biggest in Europe freshwater lake with length 219 km and extreme width 138 km.

Ladoga lake Description, location, facts

Northern and eastern parts of the water body are located in Karelia. Western, south-eastern and southern shores of Ladoga lake are located in Leningrad oblast. The lake contains 908 km³ of water. Water resources are replenished mostly due to 35 rivers entering it. Only one river flows out of Ladoga lake – Neva.

image 10 Ladoga lake — Location, Facts, How to get

The surface of Ladoga lake – 18135 km², shore legislation – 1570 km. Bottom relief is rugged on the north and is flatter on the south. Depth of Ladoga lake fluctuates considerably: from 60-200 m in the northern part, and 15-70 m in the southern part. Maximum depth of Ladoga lake is 233 m, and it was fixed near Valaam archipelago.

Storm winds with speed more than 20 m/sec are often observed there, maximum wind speed reaches 34 m/sec.

Such fishes as lake char, salmon, pike perch, cisco, bream, trout, European cisco and vendace can be met.

Weather, temperature

Ladoga climate is most and mild, closer to marine. Although winter is cold, it lasts without nipping frost, summer is breezy. Ice covers the lake in the end of October and stays until May, and the central part of Ladoga freezes up not every winter. The thickest ice layer is in bays – 30-60 cm. Average annual water temperature in Ladoga lake – 3,5°С.

image 8 Ladoga lake — Location, Facts, How to get

On the warmest shore, water temperature may reach up to +20°С.

Interesting facts

In fair warm weather, mirages can appear suddenly above water surface – virtual outline of islands, buildings on the shore, ships. Another unique phenomenon – brontide. On the shore, or right from the lake distinct roaring from underground can be heard, and it is usually accompanied by week earth shaking or water bubbling.

Such phenomenon can be observed near Valaam island most often. Scientists explain that by diastrophic movements occurring on the bottom of the lake.

image 9 Ladoga lake — Location, Facts, How to get

How to get to Ladoga lake?

By car: 1 route: exit Saint Petersburg by route M-18 and move to route A120, after that go from A120 to A128.

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